About Meadowcreek High School

"Built in 1986, Meadowcreek High School continues to be considered one of the best in the nation." - SOME SOURCE

Meadowcreek High School, which opened in August 1986 to relieve overcrowding at Berkmar High School and Norcross High School, was named for the Meadows Family School and the Creek Indians, both once located near the site of the school. Today, the location at 4455 Steve Reynolds Boulevard is prime real estate, fronted by a five-lane thoroughfare a mile or so from Interstate 85.

The opening of Meadowcreek High School was not without problems. There were many delays in construction. The faculty and staff were unable to work in the building until the Friday before school began on Monday. Most worked all weekend to prepare for the first day of classes. The excitement and pride of being in a new facility had to be postponed for some faculty and students because the gym, theater, band and chorus rooms and science labs were not completed when school began. Still, the newly assembled staff of 50 and the new student body, two-thirds of whom came from Berkmar and one-third from Norcross, worked at overcoming these obstacles and created a spirit of cooperation and commitment to their new home. Also, during the first year, Meadowcreek temporarily housed 500 eighth-grade students and 20 teachers from Sweetwater Middle School, which was overcrowded.

At the time, Meadowcreek served a unique student body made up of students representing at least a dozen cultures, nationalities and languages. One project which helped unite the students, faculty and community and began to give Meadowcreek a sense of identity was the spring musical Li'l Abner, which involved students, teachers, parents and others in the production. Meadowcreek students also demonstrated that they could compete with the more established schools in the county by winning in junior varsity competition in wrestling, soccer and football. Four county winners in the Mosaic writing competition came from Meadowcreek the first year.

The school's mascot is the Mustang. The school's colors are Carolina Blue, Navy and White. The colors and mascot were chosen in a vote by the first student body from a variety of choices.


Our Guiding Principles:


Collaborate, Inspire, Own


Through the years, Meadowcreek High has been challenged in many ways, but now with all of our hard work, we see our progress academically.  We want to encourage our students to do better and to achieve that we need the support from all the school. This includes teachers, administrators, students and their parents to become even more successful in the future. 

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Strategic Priorities:


Priority 1: Improve Student Academic Success

Advancing academic success through a S.T.E.M. and "Rigor with Nurture" focus. Meadowcreek High School will continuously improve to meet and exceed state averages towards excellence.


Priority 2: Advance Partnership/Relationships with Teachers and Support Staff

Meadowcreek High School will create a collaborative environment that supports the high expectations and responsibility of teachers, administrators and support staff using seamless communication through all levels.


Priority 3:The advancement of external communication, consistency and celebrations of Meadowcreek

High School’s successes will strength the relationship with the community and parents.


Priority 4: Financial Competency

The financial operations will be reliable and effectively managed according to GCPS standards. Operational efficiency will be gained by developing and sustaining skill, knowledge, and procedures to perform activates in compliance with GCPS.


Priority 5: Advance Facilities

The physical appearance of the campus will respond to the changing community expectations to provide user friendly.


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