Tardy Policy


Tardy to school – Students are considered tardy when they arrive on campus any time after 7:15. Tardy students must sign in at the Attendance Office. Any student who is late to school will automatically receive 2 days of lunch detention.

Tardy to class – A student is considered tardy to class when they arrive after the last bell has finished ringing and must report to the nearest tardy office

Tardy Office Locations:

  • Attendance Office
    9th Grade Academy 4.114

    Tardy Consequences

    #4 & 5: 1 day ISS; grade level administrator contacts parent
    #6 & 7: 3 days ISS; mandatory parent meeting with grade level Administrator.
    #8 & 9: 5 days ISS; mandatory parent meeting with grade level Administrator.
    #10+: 1 day OSS; attendance contract

AWOL Policy

What does AWOL mean? – AWOL means being absent from school or class without

Examples of being AWOL –Skipping a complete class period, being 10 or more minutes late to
class without an excused pass, leaving class without the teacher’s

What are the consequences of being AWOL?

1st infraction – full day of ISS

2nd and 3rd infraction - full day of ISS, your grade level administrator will call your
                                       parent or guardian

4th infraction - 2 days ISS, mandatory parent meeting with grade level administrator,
                         behavior contract and attendance contract will be implemented 

5th infraction - 1 day of OSS suspension

6th infraction – 1 day of OSS, meeting with attendance team (SARCS meeting if

7th infraction – 3 days of OSS, placed on Rule 12 contract

8th infraction - Panel


How can I avoid being AWOL?
Be responsible and hold yourself to a higher standard.  Attend all of your classes.  Use time management to get to class on time and stay in class.  Bring sick notes from your parent or guardian to the attendance office for any missed school days.


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