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Welcome to the Language Arts Department

At Meadowcreek, Language Arts is a dynamic department, where we expose students to a variety of reading and writing experiences, helping them to build the skills necessary to be successful in all classes, on all assessments, and in whatever endeavor a student plans to pursue after leaving Meadowcreek.  We pledge to do our part to give each student a high level, rigorous Language Arts experience.  We pledge to do our part to understand where our students are with their language and communication skills – we will work to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, and help each student move to the next level of language learning, with improvement for their communication skills.  We want our students to be successful – in our Language Arts classes and across the other contents.  We will work tirelessly to help students build the literacy skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

We ask that students come prepared to be fully engaged in class and the work we will do together.  Parents can support these efforts by making sure students are present each and every day, and that students come prepared to work and learn.  Our classes require that students are active:  reading, writing, speaking, and thinking daily.  We ask that parents encourage their students to read or study their latest Language Arts learning each evening (and across each break) to reinforce the work we are doing in the classroom.

As Language Arts teachers, we are excited to share our love of reading and writing with each student who becomes a part of the Meadowcreek family and look forward to the work we will do together to help each student become better communicators for success across their school years and beyond.  Please do not hesitate to contact any teacher if there is ever any question how we can better help a student achieve his or her literacy goals.



All students will emerge from the Language Arts department with the literacy skills necessary to be stronger communicators, critical readers, and analytical thinkers, ready for full participation in the 21st century global post-secondary environment or the workplace, able to apply their skills to all contents and contexts, and eager to enjoy lifelong experiences with both the written and spoken word.



The Language Arts department at Meadowcreek High School is committed to a program of study where all students read, write, speak, listen, and think daily to improve their communication skills.  Our teachers provide students with explicit, intense instruction in reading and writing skills, targeting their activities to meet students’ learning needs, utilizing a range of experiences with a variety of texts, and employing the highest regarded research-based instructional practices to ensure that all students have the opportunity to grow as analytical readers, writers, and communicators of language.



  • • To have students read, write, speak, listen, and think daily

  • • To offer students daily immersion in a word-rich environment that supports vocabulary development

  • • To provide students with targeted, scaffolded, yet rigorous language arts instructional activities

  • • To employ a range of texts (various genres, forms, and contents)

  • • To engage students with inquiry-based activities that build research and analysis skills

  • • To support students’ growth as learners and users of Standard American English

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Department Chair

Dr. Phil Lawal


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Courses Offered



  • College Preparatory Language Arts
  • Honors Language Arts


  • College Preparatory World Literature
  • Honors World Literature


  • Advanced Placement American Literature
  • College Preparatory American Literature
  • Honors American Literature


  • Advanced Placement Language and Composition
  • Advanced Placement Literature
  • College Preparatory Language Arts
  • Senior British Literature




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